Claws Mail Ubuntu indicators notification plugin

by grendel 7. July 2011 12:21

I've been using the excellent Claws Mail email agent for years and after recently switching my OS to Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty), I discovered that none of the notification plug-ins Ubuntu ships implements support for the native indicators and the Messaging menu. So, having a little time on my hands, I developed a simple plug-in which implements just that and only that. You can find it here.

It puts indicators and a menu with some actions right in the Messaging menu and blends in nicely with other Ubuntu notifications.

Note: as I was pointed out after releasing the code on freshmeat, the notification plug-in which comes with Claws Mail does have support for indicators. However, the support is disabled in the official Ubuntu packages for some reason which is why I never knew about it. Despite that, I am going to keep developing the plug-in for my own use - if anyone finds it useful, great, if not, I'll be a proud only user of it :). I like the simplicity and small size of my plug-in and, besides, it was fun developing it and learning new things so I'll just keep enjoying that.


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