Claws Mail Ubuntu indicators notification plugin

by grendel 7. July 2011 12:21

I've been using the excellent Claws Mail email agent for years and after recently switching my OS to Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty), I discovered that none of the notification plug-ins Ubuntu ships implements support for the native indicators and the Messaging menu. So, having a little time on my hands, I developed a simple plug-in which implements just that and only that. You can find it here.

It puts indicators and a menu with some actions right in the Messaging menu and blends in nicely with other Ubuntu notifications.

Note: as I was pointed out after releasing the code on freshmeat, the notification plug-in which comes with Claws Mail does have support for indicators. However, the support is disabled in the official Ubuntu packages for some reason which is why I never knew about it. Despite that, I am going to keep developing the plug-in for my own use - if anyone finds it useful, great, if not, I'll be a proud only user of it :). I like the simplicity and small size of my plug-in and, besides, it was fun developing it and learning new things so I'll just keep enjoying that.

*nix Stack Exchange

by grendel 6. August 2010 10:23
One of the strengths of the open source community is sharing of knowledge, passion, experience and (in most cases at least) selfless need for other people to use the fruits of your work for their benefit. One of the weaknesses, however, is that the open source community tends to get fragmented, create factions of supporters of this or that idea and shunning supporters of a different idea. I think that the idea of the Unix/Linux Stack Exchange is a great way to remove the gaps between parts of the community, so - go and commit to it!


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